Spitbank Fort

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Spitbank Fort

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Spitbank Fort or Spitsand Fort or Spit Sand Fort or simply Spit Fort is a sea fort built as a result of the 1859 Royal Commission. The fort is located in the Solent, near Portsmouth, England.
Work on constructing the fort started in 1861 but was soon halted for a review into the best way to defend the Solent and approaches to Portsmouth Harbour. Work restarted in 1867 and was completed in 1878.

Spitbank is smaller than the two main Solent forts, Horse Sand Fort and No Man's Land Fort. Its main purpose was as a further line of defence for ships that made it past the two main forts. It is 162 feet in diameter across at its base, with 1 floor and a basement and armour plating only on the seaward side. It was originally planned to have been armed with nine 10" eighteen ton rifled muzzle loader (RML) guns on the seaward side, and six 7" seven ton RML guns on the landward side. However, by the time of completion the plan had changed so that the seaward side received nine 12.5-inch muzzle-loading (RML) guns. From 1884 more modern 12-inch breechloading guns were installed and these were in service until after World War I.
In 1898 the role of the fort was changed to defend against light craft and the roof was fitted out with two 4.7" guns and searchlights. In the early 1900s all but three original large guns were removed. Minor upgrades to the smaller guns and searchlights continued through the years.
The fort was declared surplus to requirements in 1962 and disposed of by the Ministry of Defence in 1982. The fort is now privately owned and opens as a museum. It has 50 rooms, has its own dance hall, restaurant, has been available for private functions and has limited accommodation available. It was the venue for the Coaltion Festival in the summer of 2009, and other psytrance and hard dance parties.

In 2009 it was put on sale for GB£800,000 but was sold before auction, reportedly for more than £1m.
Owner Neale Brickwood bought the fort with two partners and had wanted to create a microbrewery at the fort. He said "The original Victorians drilled this well out. (It) actually goes down 400 feet into the seabed. It's fresh water from the chalk aquifer that runs down from Portsdown Hill to the Isle of Wight, which obviously filters the water." He plans to use this source of water to brew his beer.

Apart from those already mentioned there is one other sea fort, built just off the north east coast of the Isle of Wight, St Helens Fort


Hier een leuk artikel met mooie plattegrond

En een link naar de site van de nieuwe eigenaar die van het fort een hotel heeft gemaakt (link staat al ergens op het forum maar die kan ik niet meer vinden...)
Je hebt niet voldoende permissies om de bijlagen van dit bericht te bekijken.

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Re: Spitbank Fort

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De bovenste foto is van de Marinedienstvorschrift M.Dv. 502/4 "Flottenstützpunkte und Küstenbefestigungen - Portsmouth" 1939. De onderste foto werd genomen in 2013. Spitbank Fort is een luxe hotel geworden.

Je hebt niet voldoende permissies om de bijlagen van dit bericht te bekijken.

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Re: Spitbank Fort

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Pracht werk zeg....
Mooi die moderne bunker op het oude steenwerk... prachtig contrast.

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